Each year, the NOLS Development Department mails out thousands of brochures asking interested folks to donate to the NOLS Annual Fund. The previous brochure was text heavy, included a yearly calendar, and overall not particularly interesting. In the fall of 2016, NOLS underwent a re-branding which allowed us to breath new life into this print piece.


Create a more engaging, interactive, long-lasting mailer for potential donors to receive. Because cooking is a universal experience, and NOLS creates backcountry recipes, we choose to focus on backcountry pizza.

We incorporated food typography as a fun, unique visual (this technique had never been used in a NOLS marketing piece prior) that supported the pizza recipe. A perforated edge allows users to tear off the bottom section of the mailer, and keep a NOLS backcountry pizza recipe card, which also includes a link to our video tutorial. These elements helped reach our goal to develop a longer lasting print piece.   

Client: NOLS Development Department
Writers: Cindy Carey & Anne McGowan
Designer: Liz Schultz